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Scouting Season Summary

Scouting team develops and runs data collection, analysis, and activities that to support the Drive and Strategy Teams.

Current work

  • Know the Rules.
  • Know the Game.
  • Know your Robot.
  • Anticipate how the game will be played.
  • Work with Strategy and Drive Team to determine how best to support their goals.
  • Determine key factors that will give us strategic advantage and what metrics and information will be valuable.
  • Determine how we will effectively and accurately collect this information.
  • Review data collection and Analysis methods - what system will we use?  Review Apps and other tools.
… what data best complements Blue Alliance data?   How will we get this data?
  • Shooting (vs. scoring)
  • Ability to quickly complete a phase
  • How effective is their intake?
  • Power Cell Capacity
  • Time spent playing defense and how effective (blocking, pressure, etc)
  • Complementary
    • able to operate Control Panel?  “Can they …. ?”
    • trench run
    • lift, level, assist and location of hang
    • Auto starting position
  • Can they pass? Receive a pass.  Retrieve hard-to-get power cells?  Assist in some other way?
  • Foul data
  • Trending – are they improving?
  • What do we expect of them from past events and are they on our radar for events / alliances?
  • Did they break down and what component?   What was the reason?

Dissecting Scouting Data

  • Pre-Event
  • Pre-Game
  • In-Game
  • Selection

example:  Information needed for Robot weights during game. 

Game Weekend - when everyone becomes a scout

  • Lead Scout - coordinate scouting activities with Scouts and Drive and Strategy Teams
  • Advanced Scouting – “beyond scoring” - search for key capabilities. example: Defensive skills, developing/improved skills
  • Meet with Drive and Strategy teams before the match, after day 1, after qualification matches
  • Work on Pick-List with Strategy